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A Fashion Assistant Is Born

The name of my blog (slightly tweaked) may imply that I am a journalism student with no sense of fashion; who has turned up to the office of a high and mighty fashion magazine but this indeed it is not the case. On the other hand I was the boy who grew up sneaking copies of Vogue in my sketchbooks. As well as secretly ripping out editorial pages during study period, scared as hell that the librarian would catch me. This culminated in my later teen years to what is known as the cliché of clichés in our industry: passion for fashion.

I became a fashion assistant in a chance suggestion of a friend. He was friends with a stylist who was keen for an assistant and so I had lunch with the Fashionista (that’s a capital F for Fierce) who was to become my boss. I have been working for Fashion Stylist, Lenya Jones for quite some time now and I would finally like to document my experience as a fashion assistant as well as being personal assistant to Lenya.

Some of you may wonder why I didn’t start blogging from when I first began. Why? Because you all know the beginnings of the Andy Sachs story and what went on. I am at a point in my career as a fashion assistant where I am about to attend my first Fashion Week as a registered delegate and it’s so exciting. So basically that part in the film when Andy starts wearing all the designer clothes, although this is not the case for me.

I hope this humble blog of mine can illuminate and inspire some of the dreams out there. The dream to work your way up in the fashion industry starting from the very bottom, as the fashion assistant.

Genesis M.



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