We’re Gary’s People

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – Day Two

Front Row at Gary Yang

The view from front row… is all I can say at the moment. It is indeed very rare that a fashion assistant ever gets to sit front row at Fashion Week and today that happened for me. You are probably wondering why. The simple answer being “we’re Gary’s people (underline please)”. Lenya is a huge supporter of Gary Yang and she is always getting snapped in his divine creations and thus it was only natural that Lenya and her assistants who return the Gary Yang dresses back to Raw Fashion agency get front row seats. And there we were front row; Lenya in her feathered Gary Yang collection dress with her stylish beau Shane in Arthur Galan, Angelika in a salmon pink kimono top with a bubble skirt and myself in an orientalist Minty Meets Munt get up. We were a sight for front row!

Showcasing in the second women’s Ready to Wear show, where haute met with low. The Gary Yang collection stood out with its soft raspberry-coloured animal print and its chic summer womenswear featuring blazing tangerine, aquamarine and oatmeals. Another stand out at the RTW #2 show was designer Sally Koeswanto’s collection. Because of my amazement at it, my notes only read as this : The Queen of Nubia in leather with electric blues meets glamour grunge (glunge) meets fierce bitch! The shoes and the headpieces, the accessories – all of it was freakish perfection and it was no wonder that it received a great amount of applause.

From that high, as a fashion assistant you come back to reality. And where do you end up? The last row and in general admission at Nicola Finetti but I was more than okay with that. There were some great pieces like the white dress embellished with what looked like shells (it was hard to tell from last row) but altogether I wasn’t convinced. Nevertheless it was still humbling for me to be actually let in and see his collection and that is something I will never forget.

In sum day two was much more toned down in attitude/ fashion ‘snootyness’ with the spectrum from beige to oatmeal being prime example of and the sea of black slowly giving way to whites and nudes. Susie Bubble was nowhere to be found, neither was Tommy Ton not that I could see but what I did see every where were either Balmain shoulders or Balmain-esque shoulders. My eyes have literally been shouldered. Enough please, for an industry of creatives, let’s get creative!

“Orientalist Minty Meets Munt get up?” Woah, that’s a mouthful. If you let me explain:

Shirt – G2000
Waistcoat – Minty Meets Munt
Harem Pantaloons – Minty Meets Munt
Satchel – Burberry
Sunglasses – Le Specs
Shoes – Windsor Smith

Orientalist? I was inspired by my recent readings about the art movement known as Orientalism.

As per usual happy snaps will be in the Gallery Page.

Genesis M.

Front Row...Where Are the Sunnies?


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