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On Set at the "Grey Zone" Production

It’s all work and no play for Dandy Sachs the fashion assistant. Fashion Week wasn’t even over and I had already signed myself over to another project, this time a pan to the left from fashion. The silver screen. One thing you need to know and have in your mind when your a fashion assistant is the fact that you are not always going to be an assistant. And sometimes you have to push this initiative on your own.

Emulating my boss Lenya who is also a Wardrobe Supervisor on films and television I agreed to do wardrobe for a Sydney Film School student film. Some of you may be wondering whether or not I have the sufficient experience and knowledge base to do this. To those who doubt me, yes I do. I am well versed in fashion and trends as well as having worked on a major Hollywood feature as assistant costume designer last summer.

About to Roll

I won’t be giving away too much but the short film is called “Grey Zone” and deals with a rather dark subject matter. The director gave me a very strict colour palette and it was a learning curve for me. As a fashion person I crave for pop block colours and accentuated silhouettes however the nature of the film and the director’s vision required me to look through very different eyes. Milky hues and tones in grey, blue, yellow and camel had to shape the awkward, the annoying and the eerily silent characters. Noir being reserved for the heroine and the antagonist of the film.

Shooting has been quite hectic and I’m always on my toes in regards to wardrobe continuity as this has been my blunder in the past but I’m pretty confident in the skills that I have built up over the few months since that mistake. It’s quite thrilling being in the pole position but it also has its cons. And working in film is not as glamourous as Hollywood makes it out to be. The hours are draining and you are constantly hungry. Not on this set though, plenty of carbs to go around (none for me though…joke).

Doing projects like this are important lessons in the industry and from this I have learned that maybe I have to mute my fashion eye for my ‘film wardrobe’ eye when doing films. But then situations like the characters looking off-trend and dated (when not constituted in the script) occur and I am left pondering. I want this film to have a cultural relevance if it is to be ‘real’ and I believe that wardrobe plays an important part in this.

I will update everyone when it is complete and when I can get access to stills. Look for future behind the scenes pictures coming to the Gallery page soon.

Genesis M


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  1. Ooh, that sounds exciting, Gen! I’m sure the wardrobe will be the best part of the film!

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