Fantastic Plastic

A work of art and fashion herself Barbie has been inspiring young minds for decades. So of course it was only fashionable for a fashion assistant to be at the opening of an exhibition dedicated to the most stylish doll of dolls. Barbie also has a personal symbolism for me as a ‘fashion person’. She was perhaps the first model I dressed, the first ‘person’ I ‘styled’ and I remember the joy that filled me arranging the different clothes she came with.

“Celebrate with Barbie” is an exhibition of images put together by fashion photographer Markus Van Driel and my boss Lenya Jones.

From the photographer himself: “I love the reaction that people have had to this shoot. Some have described the work as engaging, sophisticated and touching. Others see it as a bit tongue in cheek. One critique even thought I was making a statement on the superficiality of fashion – an interesting interpretation especially with the exhibition showing so close to fashion week.”.

The exhibition “Celebrate with Barbie” will run from May 13th – May 27th at Gallery Medium – Level 2, 85 William Street, East Sydney. Exhibition hours are Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm

With Lenya at the Exhibition

Dandy Sachs wears:
Blazer from Essential Man
Shirt from Perspective @ Minty Meets Munt
Jeans by Lee Licks
Shoes by Zu
Man Clutch from Marithé + François Girbaud

Genesis M.


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