“Incubus of Viral Plague”

Emily as the Incubus of Viral Plague

Yesterday I was back in fashion assistant mode. I had clothing returns to do. I’m always eager for returns as it usually means I’m travelling all over Sydney to the different showrooms. I was returning some pieces from Oxford‘s new collection; utility chic and workwear pieces that we used for a shoot a while ago to their showroom in Alexandria. The return also had to be straight after I finished at my non-fashion job. Everything was going well and I was on task when it must have been the cold or the slight drizzle that got me but by the time I got to my Sam’s house I was feeling ill. I stayed the night at his recommendation and woke up feeling like Emily from The Devil Wears Prada, an incubus of viral plague.

I haven’t confirmed whether it is just a cold, or the lack of sleep, as I have been so busy over the past two weeks, and the lack of sleep has finally caught up to me. Maybe its fashion fever? I have to say though that this is the worst thing that can happen to me at the moment. A fashion assistant can’t be sick! There are fashion projects just around the corner. Luckily Lenya is nothing like Miranda and will let me get some rest. Something I desperately need.

For now I’m going to slip into my warm Peter Alexander pyjamas and Bonds socks and sleep.

Genesis M.
P.S Real fashion assistants get sick


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