Meggings Are Dandy

I’m a fashion assistant not a fashion victim. However there has been a quiet trend I’ve been watching for a while now and have only been feeling courageous enough to wear it recently. Meggings (leggings for men) are what I’m talking about. Seen on the runway boys of Milan and Tokyo. The momentum has been slow but now this rainy, wet and quite cold Sydney winter has caused me to push the fashion forward.

If you have seen my RAFW Day One happy snaps you would have noticed I was wearing meggings. I thought Fashion Week would be the best time to test the leggings for men water and right I was. Within two days other boys were wearing ‘meggings’.

In all honesty this has not been a decision I’ve made on my own, a lot of it weighs on the fact that I was inspired by fellow fashion blogger/model Simon N and the following images.

Simon N and Spiderweb Meggings

Simon N in Gina Tricot Leggings

I’ve been looking around in my iPhoto application for a decent photo of me in meggings but I haven’t come across any. And plus I have only ever worn meggings three times now. I promise to wear them more and get happy snapped. They are quite a liberating new winter feature in my wardrobe

And I won’t be wearing just any sort of meggings…I want A.Concept meggings as seen here:

Meggings at A.Concept by Anthony Capon

Images courtesy of Simon N.
Genesis M.



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2 responses to “Meggings Are Dandy

  1. Meggings is the Thing 🙂
    Once you tried your hooked 😉

  2. Gregg

    I now wear ONLY leggings! Simon is right! Once you’ve tried them you ARE HOOKED!!!

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