Indie Romance

Forget 500 Days of Summer. Forget all that American sap in regards to the first flutterings of your heart. The real deal is called “This Is Not Poetry”. A short film that I am doing costume design for. Yes I know, that’s my second short film. Kudos to me! The film is based on a poem written by the director’s cousin when he was madly in love with a girl. The twist being he went from love to complacency in timespan of zero to one. That’s what were documenting.

Today I had a meeting with the director Raelene Loong and our lead James T. Coffees were had, tall mocha for me (such a Fashion person) and Rae and I discussed our character vision with James. We also talked what clothes/looks I could pull from the actor’s own wardrobe as I only have fifty dollars for budget on this film. You may be surprised but I’m quite the artful bargain and treasure hunter. I believe I can make that fifty dollars go a long way. As a fashion assistant and a costume designer-in-training you have to realise the importance of budget. Everyone knows clothes (quality made) aren’t cheap.

Tomorrow is the production meeting where I get to meet the other actors as well as the other crew. I will also be doing fittings and playing dress ups with all the actors. That’s the fun part and I promise happy snaps. From there I can determine where, when and what to wardrobe shop for. Actors are also harder to dress than models as we have to cater to the character’s personality and the director’s vision of the character.

Has Curiousity the Cat gotten you yet?  Not wanting to reveal too much, the costume I have planned for this short film blends elements as diverse as bad ass boys to Romanticism. The colour palette is warm like autumn and the clothes are in between the juxtaposition of trendy and ‘old skool’. Other than that you are just going to have to wait till the film comes out as well as watch this space for behind-the-scenes stills.

Shooting starts next week!

Leave your unrequited love story assumptions at the door.

Genesis M.


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