Pulling Looks

James. Lucy. Ed. Three different characters who I have to give life to through their costumes/wardrobe. Three very different personalities as written by the director. As I mentioned in my last post I would be doing a short film some time soon and that some time soon is now. The first day of shooting is today. You don’t know how excited I am for this short film…

I am a fashion assistant to a stylist, Lenya Jones. That involves being heavily practiced and learned in the styling process. The styling process isn’t as glamourous or as easy as what you might see on the Rachel Zoe project or some other fashion reality TV show. It’s a lengthy and labourious process. And it differs a little for film because you usually have to hire the fashion for longer depending on the shooting schedule, etc. 

The first step is reading the script and going through references to each characters’ wardrobe and sense of style. After you’ve worked this out, you then meet with the director and discuss the theme and the clothing direction you both want to take. Once that is all worked out, the real task  is getting all the clothes sourced from the different brands you want the characters to be in. Budget must also be taken into account. Sourcing ( known in the industry as ‘pulling’) takes the most time as you usually have to travel all over town pullling looks from different showrooms and stores.

You don’t even have time to put your feet up as the next meeting with the director is due. You present your compilation of fashions to the director and then compile the looks for each character and their scenes. Then shooting begins and you have to be on set, making sure the clothes look right and that they are not damaged. Damaged clothes are a stylist’s and fashion PR company’s worst nightmare! You will tarnish your name in the industry if you build a reputation where you are known to return merchandise damaged and/or stained.

So this is the reason why Dandy Sachs has been a little empty for a few days, I am currently in this process and will have happy snaps for all of you to see very shortly. Till then…

Genesis M.


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