Goodbye Emily

Marlies Working Hard

It was with sadness that I read an email from a colleague this morning informing me that she had left the country and that she was not able to say goodbye. Her name is Marlies Meijlink and she taught me a lot as a fellow styling/fashion assistant. Marlies has a degree in fashion design as well as extensive experience in fashion merchandise (e.g. shoes) styling as well as fashion styling. She became my sister mentor on the job when I first started assisting Lenya. It was scary at first because I was always making mistakes being a novice at the job. Marlies was quite patient with me and was willing to help me learn from and fix my errors. We had a great time working together and became quite close especially during film shoots when we would have to spend endless hours together and help Lenya cope with high stress situations.

My fondest memory of Marlies would be when she calmed me down from  a near nervous breakdown. We were on a film shoot and it was claimed that a massive continuity error had been made. Tempers flared and the stress rose to levels beyond high. Marlies being the exceptional person she is sat me down and we went through the call sheets figuring out which costumes had been assigned to characters and which scenes had they been seen in wearing which particular costume. Three hours of calmly going through a gazillion call sheets the error had been fixed. I was forever in debt to her.

Marlies and I in the car to my first ever Fashion Shoot

Marlies and I at Crew Lunch

An exceptionally hard-working and focussed styling and fashion assistant, Marlies has taught me a lot. And in this industry its always a good thing to be friends with your fellow colleagues. We learn a lot from each other if we are. None of this bitchy/catty attitude you see glamourised on fashion reality TV shows or films like The Devil Wears Prada. Funnily enough it was always an in-joke that Marlies was Emily and I was Andy and that Lenya was Miranda. I will miss her sorely.

Genesis M.


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  1. I will miss her too. Funny I keep loosing all my best Assistants to visa issues. At least I will always have you my lovely Andy.

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