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Dandy Indulgence

Dandy Sachs has been working hard lately. As in “she wants scarves from Hermes and fifteen skirts from Calvin Klein” hard. No, like as in no-day-off-this-semester hard. That means I deserve a little retail therapy, right? Shopping with a long time friend in Surry Hills last Thursday saw me browse and purchase from some of my favourite fashion haunts. Starting from Crown St to Paddington to East Sydney; we tried on clothes, shoes, gawked at designer dresses and shoes, spotted a few streetstyling Sydneysiders and then (I) went home not so empty handed.

Feast your eyes on what I got!

Antoine & Stanley shoes : The James Dark Blue Patent.
– Alternative @ Minty Meets Munt t-shirt.
– $50 voucher from Master/Slave

And why all this little splurge when I’ve been telling everyone that I am saving for New York. So that I can look the part when I am over there.I will be mixing with some of the fashion world’s creme de la creme. That is my excuse!

P.S. I apologise for the bad image quality. The photograph was taken using Mac Photobooth.

Genesis M.


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We Talk Vintage

To survive in fashion you must diversify. Try your hand at fashion writing, editing etc. Here is an article I wrote to be published in an upcoming fashion zine.

“Defined as a trend that is currently making its way through Europe and is slowly becoming fashionable in Australia, “frock exchanges” are a cheap alternative to an age of disposable style and fast fashion. Humbly known as the ‘frock swap’, the purpose is to exchange with others the hordes of clothes that hang in our wardrobes unworn or only ever worn once.

Vintage clothing whether designer or unique often is a reason why the masses flock to ‘frock swaps’. Speaking to fashion blogger Immanuel Abraham of Belgian fashion blog Style4Guys I got an insight into the impact frock swaps and vintage/recycle clothing has made on the fashion industry.

Dandy Sachs: Imman, vintage fashion has manifested itself literally in the fashion ‘cycle’. So I would like to know what vintage fashion means to you?

Style4Guys: Vintage is such an amazing part of fashion to me because it has this alluring sense of exclusivity; you can be pretty sure that no one else around is wearing the same piece, plus the fact that fashion usually goes in recurring cycles means that you can find vintage that looks like it was made for today’s market but still has a rich history and I love that.

Dandy Sachs: Definitely! For example the current camel tones seen at Chloe are reminiscent of the utility chic seen in the early Nineties at Hermes! Okay so then Imman, I have to ask you: do you wear vintage?

Style4Guys: I consider pieces that I wore when I was twelve to also be vintage, so I kind of do (Imman giggles). I usually focus on the vintage accessories because most vintage doesn’t fit me very well.

Dandy Sachs: Oh is that so? Well then that leads me to wonder if you shop vintage then?

Style4Guys: Whenever I pass a vintage store I must go in. Usually I’m more intrigued by the women’s pieces, but you can find some really nice items for men too. I love vintage sunglasses.

Dandy Sachs: Yes, I have a pair of vintage sunglasses I bought for two dollars. They were gold rimmed and were tortoise shell! Next question I believe is…why would anyone shop vintage? Imman, why do you shop vintage?

Style4Guys: Because shopping for vintage is a much bigger challenge than buying the new collections. Often there are times you are disappointed (bad fit, damage or wear and tear, old scent…) but the hard search is all worth it when you stumble upon that one unique piece.

Dandy Sachs: I see. It seems to me then that there is very little vintage in your wardrobe. I would like to know how much vintage actually makes up your wardrobe? You’re a pretty stylish man and I’m sure you possess quite a few classics.

Style4Guys: I don’t own as much vintage as I’d like to but I do also like incorporating old pieces from my sisters’ wardrobe and trying to work it into my own wardrobe.

Dandy Sachs: That’s another trend that is mixed in with the vintage phenomena, mission wardrobe androgyne. But before I get distracted, I’d like to pose this to you. Can you think of any immediate effects vintage and the explosion of second hand shopping has had on the ‘industry’?

Style4Guys: Vintage fashion is a huge source of inspiration to designers, I think. The way clothes were constructed in the past,  the ‘retro’ patterns and the cuts of garments back then are really important to designers today. Vintage and the notion of it is a major part of fashion and rightly so, I think.

Dandy Sachs: Most people think that you can only purchase vintage fashion and sometimes at a hefty price but this assumption is definitely wrong. Obtaining vintage fashion ranges from raiding your grandparents’ wardrobes to an events such as the ‘frock swap’. The kitschy and retro feeling you get when you put on an Eighties knit is irreplaceable. Not only are you helping build a sustainable and environmentally friendly world but you’re giving life to something that has history.

Style4Guys: Exactly! What I love about frock swaps are that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure so I think a frock swap is a very good way of obtaining pieces of apparel that you’d otherwise have no chance of getting, plus you’re getting rid of what you no longer want. It’s a double win!

Dandy Sachs: Thanks Imman for answering my questions and for your time. I know you are busy getting snapped with The Sartorialist and going to store openings (Dandy Sachs smirks). Hope to speak to you soon.

The effortlessly stylish Imman Abraham of Style4Guys

Your comments on my writing would be appreciated. Can Dandy Sachs be a fashion slashie (stylist/fashion editor/writer)?
Genesis M.


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Vixen Knickers

I was back on the job yesterday night. The fashion job. As a fashion assistant one must expect themselves to have their boundaries pushed. Fashion in its purest form is avant-garde in practice. Last night I assisted on a test shoot that involved lingerie from up and coming brand Underwear of Sweden. In all honesty it was quite a mind opening experience as I have never really dealt with lingerie and women’s underwear as it is quite obvious that I’m a queer man. And g-strings, lace bras and the like are a foreign world to me. Yesterday’s shoot had a come-hither theme to it which was emphasised by the vintage feel of the lingerie. A lot of it had 50’s modesty to it. Sexy just the way I like it.

Budoir Eyes

The photos were quiet beautiful and I was enraptured with the model’s gorgeous phoenix red locks.

Photography: Asia Upward
Styling: Lenya Jones
Styling Assistant: Dandy Sachs aka Genesis Mansilongan
Make-Up: Natalie Biller
Hair: Leonard Mattis
Model: Brielle Flynn

Shot at CI Studios, Erskineville

More exciting things coming soon. Another movie premiere, shoots and even a party. Watch this space!
Genesis M.

Image by Natalie Biller

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Your Name In Pretty Lights.

This Is Not Poetry

Okay, so not pretty lights but rather on the silver screen. It was definitely a moment in my life where I woke up and the voice of reason told me I was doing something right. On Tuesday I attended the premiere of a short film I did production design and wardrobe on. It was held at the prestigious Chauvel Cinema in Paddington. For about eight minutes or so I sat in my seat next to the beautiful Sam Choy and just took in what I was seeing. My work. My work being played on a cinema screen with 100+ people watching! I shed a little tear when the credits rolled on and my heart swelled a little when my name came on the screen. A sense of pride came over me. I grabbed Sam’s hand and squeezed it tight.

Before I get anymore mushy I will show you some pics from the premiere.

With the Star of the Film- James T

With some of the Cast and Crew

Photos taken by Sam Choy. Thank you to Raelene Loong (the director) for this wonderful opportunity.

Genesis M.

P.S I’ve heard lots of positive reviews and the applause from the audience was uplifting. Yay!

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Fresh Meat (Jewels and Shoes)

Networking is an important part of being a fashion person. Although not much fashion work has been happening I’ve been collecting some contacts to work with which may open up possibilities in the future. If any of you have watched Ugly Betty, there is an episode where they stress this and sometimes the fact that networking happens at odd and random times. Here are the stories.

At one of my non-fashion jobs, I work at the Art Gallery of NSW as staff for the Paths to Abstraction exhibition. I’m at the entrance of the exhibition and always in a position where I can people-watch and act as fashion police. Being the Art Gallery of NSW you get quite a few fashion-savvy folk coming through, it is expected. A Sunday shift saw me at my desk casually observing this beauty who walked in with her ticket and a-mazing shoes. I asked where she got her shoes from. Unexpectedly she told me that her shoes were own design. This excited me even more and I begged the situation where I asked if she had made shoes for men. Awaiting her reply anxious I checked out her shoes even more. Such gorgeousness! And then she told me she was bringing out a men’s line… woo!

Enquire about these gorgeous things at or go to

Another aspect of Dandy Sachs is that he is somewhat politically active and this year attended Queer Collaborations at the University of Wollongong. It’s a week long conference that involves political activism, a panel on sexism, workshops dealing with contentious issues in the queer community, equal marriage rights etc. Anyways I always seem to be the most fashionable attendees at these things but this year things were different. There were a few fashionable contenders and one of them I met in line at a Thai takeaway happened to be a jewellery designer and had an obvious interest in fashion. So I got her card and voila.

Dandy Sachs presents to you Danielle Kathleen jewellery. These are my faves…

The Gears Necklace.

A “T” style band ring that I love!!!!

Her jewellery can be bought here.

Genesis M.

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