Fresh Meat (Jewels and Shoes)

Networking is an important part of being a fashion person. Although not much fashion work has been happening I’ve been collecting some contacts to work with which may open up possibilities in the future. If any of you have watched Ugly Betty, there is an episode where they stress this and sometimes the fact that networking happens at odd and random times. Here are the stories.

At one of my non-fashion jobs, I work at the Art Gallery of NSW as staff for the Paths to Abstraction exhibition. I’m at the entrance of the exhibition and always in a position where I can people-watch and act as fashion police. Being the Art Gallery of NSW you get quite a few fashion-savvy folk coming through, it is expected. A Sunday shift saw me at my desk casually observing this beauty who walked in with her ticket and a-mazing shoes. I asked where she got her shoes from. Unexpectedly she told me that her shoes were own design. This excited me even more and I begged the situation where I asked if she had made shoes for men. Awaiting her reply anxious I checked out her shoes even more. Such gorgeousness! And then she told me she was bringing out a men’s line… woo!

Enquire about these gorgeous things at or go to

Another aspect of Dandy Sachs is that he is somewhat politically active and this year attended Queer Collaborations at the University of Wollongong. It’s a week long conference that involves political activism, a panel on sexism, workshops dealing with contentious issues in the queer community, equal marriage rights etc. Anyways I always seem to be the most fashionable attendees at these things but this year things were different. There were a few fashionable contenders and one of them I met in line at a Thai takeaway happened to be a jewellery designer and had an obvious interest in fashion. So I got her card and voila.

Dandy Sachs presents to you Danielle Kathleen jewellery. These are my faves…

The Gears Necklace.

A “T” style band ring that I love!!!!

Her jewellery can be bought here.

Genesis M.


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