We Talk Vintage

To survive in fashion you must diversify. Try your hand at fashion writing, editing etc. Here is an article I wrote to be published in an upcoming fashion zine.

“Defined as a trend that is currently making its way through Europe and is slowly becoming fashionable in Australia, “frock exchanges” are a cheap alternative to an age of disposable style and fast fashion. Humbly known as the ‘frock swap’, the purpose is to exchange with others the hordes of clothes that hang in our wardrobes unworn or only ever worn once.

Vintage clothing whether designer or unique often is a reason why the masses flock to ‘frock swaps’. Speaking to fashion blogger Immanuel Abraham of Belgian fashion blog Style4Guys I got an insight into the impact frock swaps and vintage/recycle clothing has made on the fashion industry.

Dandy Sachs: Imman, vintage fashion has manifested itself literally in the fashion ‘cycle’. So I would like to know what vintage fashion means to you?

Style4Guys: Vintage is such an amazing part of fashion to me because it has this alluring sense of exclusivity; you can be pretty sure that no one else around is wearing the same piece, plus the fact that fashion usually goes in recurring cycles means that you can find vintage that looks like it was made for today’s market but still has a rich history and I love that.

Dandy Sachs: Definitely! For example the current camel tones seen at Chloe are reminiscent of the utility chic seen in the early Nineties at Hermes! Okay so then Imman, I have to ask you: do you wear vintage?

Style4Guys: I consider pieces that I wore when I was twelve to also be vintage, so I kind of do (Imman giggles). I usually focus on the vintage accessories because most vintage doesn’t fit me very well.

Dandy Sachs: Oh is that so? Well then that leads me to wonder if you shop vintage then?

Style4Guys: Whenever I pass a vintage store I must go in. Usually I’m more intrigued by the women’s pieces, but you can find some really nice items for men too. I love vintage sunglasses.

Dandy Sachs: Yes, I have a pair of vintage sunglasses I bought for two dollars. They were gold rimmed and were tortoise shell! Next question I believe is…why would anyone shop vintage? Imman, why do you shop vintage?

Style4Guys: Because shopping for vintage is a much bigger challenge than buying the new collections. Often there are times you are disappointed (bad fit, damage or wear and tear, old scent…) but the hard search is all worth it when you stumble upon that one unique piece.

Dandy Sachs: I see. It seems to me then that there is very little vintage in your wardrobe. I would like to know how much vintage actually makes up your wardrobe? You’re a pretty stylish man and I’m sure you possess quite a few classics.

Style4Guys: I don’t own as much vintage as I’d like to but I do also like incorporating old pieces from my sisters’ wardrobe and trying to work it into my own wardrobe.

Dandy Sachs: That’s another trend that is mixed in with the vintage phenomena, mission wardrobe androgyne. But before I get distracted, I’d like to pose this to you. Can you think of any immediate effects vintage and the explosion of second hand shopping has had on the ‘industry’?

Style4Guys: Vintage fashion is a huge source of inspiration to designers, I think. The way clothes were constructed in the past,  the ‘retro’ patterns and the cuts of garments back then are really important to designers today. Vintage and the notion of it is a major part of fashion and rightly so, I think.

Dandy Sachs: Most people think that you can only purchase vintage fashion and sometimes at a hefty price but this assumption is definitely wrong. Obtaining vintage fashion ranges from raiding your grandparents’ wardrobes to an events such as the ‘frock swap’. The kitschy and retro feeling you get when you put on an Eighties knit is irreplaceable. Not only are you helping build a sustainable and environmentally friendly world but you’re giving life to something that has history.

Style4Guys: Exactly! What I love about frock swaps are that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure so I think a frock swap is a very good way of obtaining pieces of apparel that you’d otherwise have no chance of getting, plus you’re getting rid of what you no longer want. It’s a double win!

Dandy Sachs: Thanks Imman for answering my questions and for your time. I know you are busy getting snapped with The Sartorialist and going to store openings (Dandy Sachs smirks). Hope to speak to you soon.

The effortlessly stylish Imman Abraham of Style4Guys

Your comments on my writing would be appreciated. Can Dandy Sachs be a fashion slashie (stylist/fashion editor/writer)?
Genesis M.



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2 responses to “We Talk Vintage

  1. Love the outcome, Dandy 🙂

  2. And yes, you can totally be a fashion slashie!

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