Dandy Indulgence

Dandy Sachs has been working hard lately. As in “she wants scarves from Hermes and fifteen skirts from Calvin Klein” hard. No, like as in no-day-off-this-semester hard. That means I deserve a little retail therapy, right? Shopping with a long time friend in Surry Hills last Thursday saw me browse and purchase from some of my favourite fashion haunts. Starting from Crown St to Paddington to East Sydney; we tried on clothes, shoes, gawked at designer dresses and shoes, spotted a few streetstyling Sydneysiders and then (I) went home not so empty handed.

Feast your eyes on what I got!

Antoine & Stanley shoes : The James Dark Blue Patent.
– Alternative @ Minty Meets Munt t-shirt.
– $50 voucher from Master/Slave

And why all this little splurge when I’ve been telling everyone that I am saving for New York. So that I can look the part when I am over there.I will be mixing with some of the fashion world’s creme de la creme. That is my excuse!

P.S. I apologise for the bad image quality. The photograph was taken using Mac Photobooth.

Genesis M.


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  1. Nice one. But make sure to save some money to shop in NYC. You are going to love it.

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