The Capital L Word

Jungle Gold at Capital L

Located in the shopping urban jungle that is Paddington, Capital L is a little boutique store that stocks local labels seen on the backs (and feet) of the cool kids. The kids who play queens and kings of the ‘Intersection’. And tonight they were there sitting beside me in front row at Capital L’s fashion show for Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival.

Having received the invite from my jewellery designer/model friend Andy Santoso, I was quite intrigued by the promise of an “Amazonian themed fashion show” and boy did they disappoint. From the ‘exotic’ bird feathers that decorated Hugos Lounge in Kings Cross, the girls walking around with safari hats and astro turf as the runway. However the disappointment peaked when the show finally did. Don’t get me wrong every piece they sent down the runway was wearable and had street credibility but for me the production lacked a little.

The casting of some models was questionable as was the show with its promise of ‘the Amazon’. Tonight’s show proved they get a lot of traffic through their boutique located on South Dowling St as the turnout was quite big and those numbers will make their till in the coming summer go ca-ching!

Yesterday night’s show also allowed the meeting of a new designer who happened to be a modelling friend of Andy’s; Maryann Edwards of Wonders Cease. The conversation we had with her was so refreshing. A designer who was grounded and who from what I could tell, had a vision. A simple, realistic vision. Of course being enraptured I asked for her card and a photo. Make sure you check out their latest collection…wonderous!

With Maryann of Wonders Cease

Enjoy the snaps of the night here:

Andy in her most Editor-in-Chief face

Capital Lad

Sunnies to End

Dandy Sachs wears:
Blazer: Essential Man
Hood (as Undercoat): Custom-Made
Shirt: Folded & Hung
Necklace: U-Turn Surry Hills
Trousers: Folded & Hung
Socks: Bonds
Shoes: Marsu Homme

So, see you in Capital L some time soon?
Genesis M.


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One response to “The Capital L Word

  1. Hel

    Just dropping by, as I was very positively surprised that (1) I picked up Blitz today and (2) noticed your article.. come to think of it, I’ll pop you an email as I’d take up too much space here ! 🙂
    But I just wanted to say too, that it was fresh to hear that you had mixed feelings from the RSFF show that you went to, as I did too from the one on Thur night…

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