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Reflecting Wonder

Upon my return to Sydney from the glorious New York, the fashion momentum has been in full swing again. Having received an invite to view their collection, dear friends, Wonders Cease put on a wonderful presentation of their A/W 11 collection titled “The Light of Reflection”. There were definitely stand-out pieces. In particular two garments where sheer fabric silhouettes were worn over a nude or beige camiseta and caramel gold bottoms. Another catwalk highlight being the leggings and architectural skirts seen in dove grey and military gunmetal. My upcoming visit to the studio will allow me to see the collection in person and get a feel of the fabrics. For now have a look at some of the crappy images I took tonight.

Again I apologise for the image quality
Genesis M.


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NYC Photo Diary – Part Two

Additional photography by Samuel Choy.
That’s NYC and NYFW summed up for you.
Genesis M.

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Made in Manhattan – NYC Photo Diary

More to come…
Genesis M.

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Networking in New York

There are two reasons why I am in New York. Pleasure and pain (labour = work). I have fallen in love with a city so intense and often cuttingly cruel but this is where dreams, fashion dreams are made of. This is the city where the Empress of Fashion, Anna Wintour reigns from. Yes Paris may be the the fashion capital of the world and London may be the city of the bespoke but New York is where fashion makes its gazillions. It’s a tough industry and very very tough city but I am quite ambitious.

I feel as if it’s time to move into another pond, go upstream. I know it will be hard and nerve-wracking and rejection is imminent but that is all part of the game. So why I am blabbing about all of this. As someone who is on the bottom of the food chain I just wanted to assure others who have similar dreams that it’s all about YOU taking the big leap. Hold onto your Prada clutch very tightly.

Yesterday, Opportunity knocked on my door. Sam and I were given free tickets to an independent queer cinema screening of Nitrate Kisses at the MoMA where we had the chance to meet the director, a couple of the actors and the film curator of the MoMA. The film was great and really eye-opening. It was proceeded with after-drinks at the MoMA’s very fancy bar room known as the The Modern. Being an ambitious career minded fashionisteau, I went into networking mode and introduced myself to the director Barbara Hammer. I told her if she ever needed someone to do wardrobe on her films that I am at her service.

Now, how easy was that? An email has been sent to her with my card attached and a cover letter. That’s how you do it.

Genesis M.


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New York Minute

Now that Fashion Week is over what’s a dandy boy to do in the city full of fashion magazine editors, supermodels and A-class fashion designers? Support the industry he works in by…SHOPPING! Of course I went shopping during Fashion’s Night Out but I had work things on my mind (i.e networking and going to the shows) but now that it’s all over Sam Choy and I have been downtown and midtown spending our hard-earned moolah (money) on FASHION.

NYC purchases so far include lots of Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, bowties from a boutique in the Upper East Side and clothes chainstores like H&M and Urban Outfitters. I leave New York soon and the shopping isn’t over just yet.

Genesis M.

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NYFW S/S 11 Day 5 – The Luxury of Sport

NYFW has been a Fashion Week that has changed my perceptions of what certain trends as well as styles work for the masses and myself. One style that has recently entered the fashion arena and I have been wary of is Sport Luxe. Heralded by all the major fashion magazines as a trend that’s here to stay, sport luxe for me was always a bit masculine and a little too utilitarian for me. A bit uniform.

All that changed today on the last day of NYFW. Davidelfin, a label who heralds from Madrid, Spain with clever artistry fused together utility and flowing chic in its mixed collection show. Sitting second row I watched as sport turned into luxury. The tailoring was impeccable. The clothes were so well made and there was a great sense of architecture that accompanied them. This, only to be reinforced by the minimalist colour lines and the sky high heels.

Please bear with my images as I was too excited (at the fact I was sitting second row and that I was experiencing this amazing show) to get great images. Besides they were taken using my Samsung Galaxy S.

That’s a wrap for NYFW!!!
Genesis M

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NYFW S/S 11 Day 5 – Lady New York

Today was the last day of the official New York Fashion Week schedule. And what a day it has been to end the fabulous, energy draining and often budget-breaking (unless you have a Fashion Week allowance like the fash-mag pack do) parade known as Fashion Week.
Strong tailored and elegant feminine pieces made themselves presentable at the Andy & Debb presentation in the morning. Cute little shift dresses with collars cut like Twiggy, this Korean duo created a New York feminine aesthetic that still oozed sexy but had the modest touch. Modest in a very attractive way. Besides the clothes what must be commended here are the production values. The set up of the not so tessellating plinths with models standing in different height orders really gave the presentation a step up from the rest I had seen this week.

My job now is to convince my sister and my cousins to buy the clothes. Wish me luck.
Genesis M.

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