Uptown Dapper

Top Level View

If you have been following my Twitter tonight you would have noticed that I was tweeting almost every 2-3 minutes between 6:00pm -7:00pm. I was at The Strand Arcade with Lenya for an “Evening With The Designers” where a fashion parade featuring the likes of Alex Perry, Akira, and Bettina Liano were showcased for the public and for (again) fashion bloggers.

Tonight’s event was all about some big names in Australian fashion and I actually got to meet some of them. Samantha Harris walked in the fashion parade. Melissa Hoyer, Grazia’s Editor-at-Large played co-host with Australian fresh face Gracie Otto. As well as designers like Gail Elliott of Little Joe. I actually got to meet Melissa and Gracie. Check out the Twitpic I took of Gracie. Wearing or should I saw “werqing” Manning Cartell of course.


In all honesty, I’m quite observant when it comes to “fashion people”. You get so many different types. The elitist. The scenester. The trying-too-hard. And then on the odd occasion, the humble, down-to-earth, is-there-for-a-real-reason(talent) type. Both Melissa Hoyer and Gracie Otto were the latter. The cocktails were yummy (by Chambord) and the nibbles divine!

A big thank you to Peter Sereno and Sarah McKelvie of Ad Partners PR for tonight.

What a great way to end the first day of Spring!
Genesis M.


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