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Today was a marvelous day that began NYFW for me. I left the Bronx (it’s where I am currently staying) really early in the morning to make it to The Hudson Hotel on W58th St and 9th Ave for the Independent Fashion Blogger’s conference. Usually conferences bore me with all the beaureaucratic motions and conference floor heeby-jeeby and what not but of course this was a fashion bloggers conference, so it was totally amazing.Providing insightful and thought provoking information for bloggers who either a) want to monetize their blog b) make a career out of their blog i.e. Bryanboy or Susie Bubble style or c) want to learn how to create the perfect niche market blog.

Speakers included the oh so YUMMY Mattias Swenson of  BlogLovin, Phil Oh of Street Peeper who can make a whole room full of nervous bloggers laugh their arse off, Yuri of Lookbook.nu and fashion blogosphere stars Bryanboy, Susie Bubble and Rumi of FashionToast.

After years of being a dedicated Bryanboy reader (I started in 2005) I finally got the chance to meet and get my photo taking with my favourite blogger who is ‘so gay he sweats glitter’ (I think in a previous incarnation that statement was a little more gritty). It was also lovely to meet other bloggers from the States and from overseas such as Colin of SharpenedLead.com

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Photos from my real cam to come soon.
Genesis M.

IFB image courtesy of heartifb.com. A big thank you to Wendy Brandes and Lenya Jones


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