NYFW S/S 11 Day 1 – The All American Boy.

I’m usually not into the all American boy as I can’t stand that sort of Abercrombie and Fitch look but something was different today. Being my first day at NYFW S/S 11 I was invited to the Buckler presentation/runway. And boy were my opinions changed. The casting was perfect, the models could walk and the clothes wear actually wearable. However the wearability upped itself a notch as much more fashion forward pieces were sent down the runway towards the end. One  only has to look around Mid and downtown Manhattan to see that a commercial success ensues. The American blues and whites were there and the mature black making the clothes, the man and not the boy.

P.S I am currently loving how most of the men of New York dress. Homme chic! Will also be definitely making a purchase at either the SoHo or West Village store before I leave.
Genesis M.



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3 responses to “NYFW S/S 11 Day 1 – The All American Boy.

  1. Love the pictures!
    the clothes look amazing 🙂

    Jose C.


  2. Great report Mr Sachs 🙂

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