OMGaGa – NYFW News – Nicola @ Mugler

The man behind GaGa, the fabulous Nicola Formichetti has been appointed creative director of Thierry Mugler menswear and womenswear. WOAH!!!!! The label which was suffering under the guidance of Rosemary Rodriguez now sees a reinvention of itself in the hands of Nicola Formichetti. A stylist first and foremost; hints of Formichetti’s love affair with the label can be seen in Gaga’s music clips, the most notable being Gaga’s jailbird exit in her “Telephone” video clip in vintage Thierry Mugler.

So why is this news relevant to Dandy Sachs? Dandy Sachs stylist inspiration is of none other than Mr. Formichetti himself. The man has such an amazing vision and the execution of his artistry is incredible. One day I do aspire to be like Mr. Formichetti himself.

To Nicola Formichetti (if you are reading this), congratulations.
Love your number one fan.
Genesis M.

Images sourced from Google images.


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