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Having recovered from the cold I had this week, I am ready for the weekend and to party. This weekend is special since its Halloween and according to Mean Girls, Halloween is the one night of the year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. So who/what am I going as? I have a few parties to attend and have differents ‘costumes’ planned but I think my favourite one is Dandy Sachs as BRYANBOY!

I’m still playing with my options and going through all of BB’s outfit posts. What do you all think? Will post my final BB Halloween outfit as soon as I can.
Genesis M.

P.S BB isn’t a slut – I just love that Mean Girls quote.


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Nautical Dandy

The Australian summer is on its way and every ‘fashion’ person is doing a little altering to the wardrobe. Right now, the Dandy Sachs wardrobe and style is at a fusion of nautical and safari trends. Current inspirations that have been seen in menswear collections for the past few seasons or so. I also finally got to wear my Keds out!  This is what I wore to the Oliver Peoples / Paul Smith/ Mosley Tribes eyewear collection previews yesterday.

Hooded Cape: Chinatown boutique
Top: H&M
Capris: H&M
Shoes: Keds
Tote: Quiksilver
Handbag: Alexander Wang

Really loving my Alexander Wang Rocco in PVC and Keds in suede!
Genesis M.

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Feast Your Eyes

Dandy Sachs loves his sunglasses. I  just love sunglasses!! They will definitely be the next item I collect (currently collecting bowties). As you previously saw I was invited by Sweaty Betty PR to the Oliver Peoples/Paul Smith/Mosley Tribes Resort Spring 2011 eyewear collection previews. Held at Sydney’s tres chic venue – The Ivy Pool, the sunglasses and spectacles were easy on the eye. And gosh did I squirm while trying on a few pairs here and there.

Mosley Tribes offered eyewear perfect for that book and cocktail on the beach as the collection titled ‘An Island Perspective’ inspires where classic shapes took on a contemporary feel. The aviator feeling a little younger and definitely sexier. My favourite however was the Lyndel sunglasses in army green. So Destiny’s Child in their ‘Survivor’ video clip.

Having worked with Oliver Peoples eyewear before in a men’s fashion shoot I was really taken by how unisex their current collection was. The whole celebrity feel to them is also another highlight of their eyewear. A-list actress or actor, you’ll definitely feel like when putting on a pair of these. I certainly did. As captured…

However my heart was set on the Paul Smith collection where geek chic meets summer attitude. The Romiley sunglasses in a grey/gold with grey gradient being my pick from the collection. You can take these ‘sunnies’ stunners from beach to bar to nightclub. Summer cool kid uniform for sure!

What am I saying? I love sunglasses and if my budget allowed I’d own all three. For now I’ll have to decide on just the one.
Again thank you to Sweaty Betty PR and the Oliver Peoples/Paul Smith/Mosley Tribes eyewear group for the opportunity and the tuna carpaccio I unfortunately had to turn down.

Genesis M.

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An Eyeful

I have woken up to a beautiful sunny Sydney morning and there is no other better day than to be previewing the Resort Spring 2011 Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith and Mosley Tribes eyewear collection. Make sure you are following me on Twitter as I will be tweeting live from the event.

Watch this space.
Genesis M.

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Travelling Shoes

As if I hadn’t had enough of New York City (could you ever?) already, today I received news from Sweaty Betty PR that ZU shoes along with their new summer S/S 10 collection release were having a competition that allowed the winner a trip to one of four destinations of their liking. Having used ZU shoes in fashion shoots before and owning a few pairs I couldn’t be more excited. A second bite of the Big Apple with a pair of ZU Sniper Boots? (Yes Please). I’ll be making stomps and mincing downtown again.

“Applicants are spoilt for choice with four ultimate holiday destinations to choose from. There is place for anyone and everyone – whether you’re down to party, shop up a storm, explore & discover, or sit on the beach sipping on any drink that has an umbrella in it.”

So shoe lovers and those with travelling feet: click here!
Fingers crossed.
Genesis M.

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Dandy Behind The Camera

Yesterday was a whole new fashion styling experience for me. I was THE stylist for the shoot. Not the assistant but THE STYLIST. I have to say however it felt pretty natural taking the lead and it certainly didn’t feel like it was a big leap. Arriving half an hour early before call time, I was prepared to the nines. Plenty of looks and plenty of accessories to provide options for when shooting had began. And when shooting eventually began the whole team (crew and models) were on a roll.

As I had mentioned earlier, I would be working with photographer Sam Lim and make-up artist Joel Phillips and what a shoot it was. It was so great to be working with these two because as a duo they have a vision for the pictures they want to make that is focussed and incredibly creative. This definitely clicked with my artistic sensibility and I was able to pull clothes and create looks that worked harmoniously with all three perspectives.

I also got the opportunity to train Kristen on her first photo shoot yesterday. She was my assistant. And for a first timer a lot of things that took me a while to learn and come to terms with, she was a natural. All in all a very good shoot. I’m looking forward to the pictures as I was really happy with the styling.

Photography: Sam Gatsby Lim
Styling: Genesis Mansilongan
Styling Assistant: Kristen Treni
Make-Up: Joel Phillips
Hair: Remington Schulz
Talent: Leigh Cummins & Jessica Grumley

Will let you know when it comes out. Thanks to Sweaty Betty PR and Master/Slave for letting me pull.
Genesis M.

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What’s In The Garment Bags?

Returns? Designer gifts? No but they contain designer clothes pulled from the Sweaty Betty PR showroom. Yes that’s right I got to source and pull for a photo shoot under my own name and not as an assistant. I spoke to Lenya today and she is very proud of me making my first steps of launching myself as a styling identity in the industry. The shoot is happening on Sunday. Follow me on Twitter and watch this space Sunday as all of it will be tweeted and blogged live.

How exciting! Stay tuned.
Genesis M.

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