Modus Operandi

Dandy Sachs, the fashion assistant reporting for duty. Today I was back in fashion assistant mode today as I accompanied Lenya to pull some looks from a clothing store here in Sydney known as Dotti. We were pulling looks for a style session instore in collaboration with some big fashion blogging names here in Sydney. I can’t really tell you much more but I can tell you it was such a pleasure to be putting looks together again. The feeling of creating a fashionable image, it gives me a rush. Besides helping with the sourcing I have also been in charge of casting the model and get administration sorted out. Exciting!

Another exciting thing today was meeting the new ‘Emily’ that Lenya has recently hired. Angelika like Marlies has left for her native country and Lenya needed a new styling assistant as we have some big projects coming up. With chocolate croissants and coffees ready at Sonoma on Danks St, Waterloo we met up with the very punctual Kristen. Lenya told me that when she interviews assistants the final tick of approval was meeting me and that if I didn’t gel with the potential assistant, they wouldn’t be hired. I am glad to report that Kristen has been approved. Readers meet Kristen…

So watch this space…
Genesis M.


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