Homme Sexual

They say that sex sells and that sex is a commodity in fashion terms. It is commonplace today that fashion editorial shoots border on the edge of advertisement and soft core porn. None is this more evident than in recent shoots seen in men’s fashion magazines like Vogue Hommes Japan, V Man and GQ Style.

This undercurrent is seeing man and the male figure fetishisized and viewed  as an object of sex.  Too long has he been the sexual being (about time…talk about equality of the sexes). On this note, friends, ex-model and photographer Sam Lim and hair and make-up artist Joel Phillips invited me to one of their shoots today.

Shot in the oh so creative hub of Hibernian House in Surry Hills, the pair along with model Jesse created an image where gentlemanly reservation met with carnal instinct. Think a fetish leather mask worn alongside a bespoke Italian wool suit.  There was a little bit of a naughty Catholic school boy feel to the shoot too. A tension between repression and expression of the ‘sins of the flesh’.

It was totally different being at a shoot and playing spectator. When I’m at a shoot I’m usually running around steaming garments, taping shoes or dressing a model etc but today I just observed the camera go click click click. My expertise was called upon when it was time to style this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent silk scarf against a very tough fetish headbrace. The contrast, exhilarating.

And to answer the question: yes I will be shooting with these two. Watch this space. Thank you to Sam and Joel for letting me be a voyeur.

Genesis M.



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