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Out of Fashion

Yes I’ve been missing from the blogoshere for a while. Approximately nine days. Well dear readers Dandy Sachs is currently ill and unable to do anything fashion. The medical situation isn’t at its best and I have been banished to bed rest and lots of fluid. I am also on a lot of pills. Please bear with me. Will be back on top of things once I’ve healed. For now please enjoy this outfit post of me before the situation worsened.

Jacket: Vintage
Chain Necklace: Zoo Emporium
T-Shirt: Marc Jacobs
Genie Pants: Forcast
Boots: ASH
Rings: Marc Jacobs

And P.S. How does one stay fashionable during illness? If you know how please let me know.
Genesis M.


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Hair Raising Fashion


Ugh I am so tired. This weekend has been such a busy shooting weekend. Two shoots within the space of three days has taken a lot out of me and it’s my graduation exhibition tomorrow so I have to be very freshfaced. So this blogpost will be a very short sneak peek at what Dandy Sachs and Lenya did for Harper’s Bazaar Australia and its Styling Session contest.

The shoot started initially with some model drama but due to everyone’s amazing fashion connections, the altercation was fixed within the space of half an hour. After that first bump the rest of the shoot was smooth sailing or should I say smooth posing. With three very high-calibre models and a great team the shoot went extremely well considering earlier circumstances . Lenya was even bold enough to say that it was one of the best we’d ever worked on and I couldn’t agree more.

Due to some very strict rules I’m not allowed to post or publish online images I took containing the looks we shot. Doing so would automatically disqualify all the work we did today. Instead I hope you can enjoy behind the scenes pictures of our dressing room today and some of the looks we pulled from designers like Elliot Ward-Fear, Alpha 60 to stores like Regina Garde.

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss
Styling: Lenya Jones
Styling Assistant: Me!!!!
Hair/ Creative Director: Mandy Kingsman
Make Up: Vanessa Collins
*Both photographer and hair stylist had assistants but I just can’t recall their names as of this moment.

Will keep you updated you on this as I have very strong feelings about this one.
Genesis M.

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Just Observing

This weekend will be a very intense weekend for Dandy Sachs as a fashion assistant. This weekend consists of two major shoots. One for a music industry client and the other for Harper’s Bazaar Australia. It began yesterday with a shoot for Charmaine Bingwa

The look was a fusion of good girl grown up meets ‘fierce’ feminine forced to reckon with. So we sourced sweet and colourful cinch waistbelts with edgy, avant-garde dresses from an upcoming Australian designer. I managed to capture a few behind the scenes shots.

In the end Charmaine was very happy with the shots that she’ll use later on for media releases and such. And all the pieces that we sourced looked good and fit her like a dream. So success on the styling part. A good crew means a happy shoot and a happy shoot it was. As an assistant it is always so interesting to work with new photographers and new make-up artists and on this chance I did get to.

Photography: Christian Blanchard
Photographer’s Assistant: Josh
Styling: Lenya Jones
Styling Assistant: Dandy Sachs
Hair and Make Up: Sarah Tammer

Genesis M.

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Give Me My Jeans

From my earliest memories of fashion I remember the humble jean being a staple in my wardrobe. Mum and Dad wore no other jeans but Levi’s 501’s. They were the ultimate jean and through their influence I owned a couple of pairs of Levi’s throughout my childhood. Since then my wardrobe is never without a pair of Levi’s jeans. I’m even old enough now to own a pair of 501’s and some 501’s cutoffs. My own personal experience of Levi’s jeans affirms durability, the right fit, timeless style and most importantly effortless cool. They’ll never go out of fashion. Thus my parents and I still wear them.

With an invitation from Sweaty Betty PR and Levi’s Australia I attended the preview of the Winter 2011 collection. I must admit I went into the preview with a biased opinion as I am already a Levi’s fan but what surprised me the most was the brand was able to utilise what they were famous for; the durability, the classic denim blue and the feel-so-good-on-your-skin denim fabric and create a collection that made Levi’s even cooler.

Having a look at the racks I just kept thinking “I want this”, “I want that” and “Oh hell yeah, this is amazing”. Winter never looked so cool (no pun intended). Seriously.

Of course I couldn’t just look at the clothes… I had to try them on. Check out the pics of me ‘working’ a few pieces from the new collection. Whether it’s leather, cotton wool or denim Levi’s has you covered next winter.

And my favourite piece of them all? A denim shirt that Jeanie of Levi’s Australia called the half-dipped denim blue shirt. Look at those amazing sawtooth pockets. Gorgeous no?

Once again thank you to Sweaty Betty PR and to Levi’s Australia for today’s preview. And to the Sweaty Betty’s Amy and Maffy thanks for the warmth you guys greet me with every time I come to previews. P.S. Check out Maffy working that cardigan I couldn’t really work earlier even though I love it.

Genesis M.

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The Fear-ce

If you don’t know who Elliot Ward-Fear is then where have you been? As is the current trend of my blogposts, this one is about work. I mentioned previously that I would be assisting on a Harper’s Bazaar shoot. The shoot is this coming Sunday and Lenya sent me to work this morning. I was sent to the ‘Garment District’ of Sydney today (Kippax St) to source from MotherFather PR a few Elliot Ward-Fear pieces.Having viewed images from his current collection previously, I became very excited.

Initially I got a little lost trying to get there but was greeted by one half of MotherFather PR; Candice and the designer himself Elliot as soon as I found it. With nervous excitement I made my way to the rack. The emotion exploded there and then. From the cut to the colour to the avant-garde styling Ward-Fear’s fashion is the fashion of a very very cool tomorrow. I can’t wait for it to be shot on Sunday.

Here are some snaps from the MotherFather PR showroom:

How cute is Leigh, the MotherFather PR intern helping me take my happy snaps. Thanks cutie! Watch this space as I will be tweeting and blogging live from set on Sunday.
P.S. I was actually an intern at Romance Was Born when Elliot Ward-Fear was a design intern there too. Small fashion world, hey?

Genesis M.

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Shooting With A Star

Team Dandy Sachs and Lenya Jones are a very busy team at the moment. Today was the meeting with singing and performing sensation Charmaine as we are to style her stills shoot for her album and upcoming music video. Think vintage with a Sixties feel and mix with that a Ritz like hotel and a very naughty video tape. For now that’s all I can say.

The meeting today was about the stills shoot which was to accompany her album and press shots. It began with an overview of the photographer’s treatment and then a location scout of various suites in the Observatory Hotel that would suit the concept. Lenya and I also discussed with Charmaine the styling and looks planned for the stills shoot. We’re thinking boyish femme/sports luxe. Stay tuned. Meanwhile enjoy some of the snaps from the meeting and location scout.

Genesis M.

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You Better Work

What is my dream? To be fashion twenty-four seven. Now that art school is over I finally have the chance to do so. Dandy Sachs is Dandy Sachs again (always was, just a little occupied). Today Kristen and I went to Lenya’s for a meeting to discuss upcoming projects which includes working with some of my favourite designers and Harper’s Bazaar.

It was so refreshing to be in assistant mode again. When planning a shoot the first step is establishing the looks you want to create and then assigning which designers/fashion suits each look best. Once that is established you have to find the PR contacts for those designers/labels as it is from them that you will be able to source from. That’s what our meeting today was about and it’s always great having a dialogue about which designer/label is suitable. Kristen, Lenya and I all have different opinions and views on fashion so the discussion is always interesting. Ultimately we came to a conclusion and Lenya was happy with the decisions we came to. The shoot is in two weeks so now calling the PR companies and sourcing has to take place. Will keep you posted.

Also have something potentially quite exciting lined up. Fingers crossed as it involves a luxury boutique and the new Westfield Sydney. All I can say now is that the Devil wears (…).
Genesis M.

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