You Better Work

What is my dream? To be fashion twenty-four seven. Now that art school is over I finally have the chance to do so. Dandy Sachs is Dandy Sachs again (always was, just a little occupied). Today Kristen and I went to Lenya’s for a meeting to discuss upcoming projects which includes working with some of my favourite designers and Harper’s Bazaar.

It was so refreshing to be in assistant mode again. When planning a shoot the first step is establishing the looks you want to create and then assigning which designers/fashion suits each look best. Once that is established you have to find the PR contacts for those designers/labels as it is from them that you will be able to source from. That’s what our meeting today was about and it’s always great having a dialogue about which designer/label is suitable. Kristen, Lenya and I all have different opinions and views on fashion so the discussion is always interesting. Ultimately we came to a conclusion and Lenya was happy with the decisions we came to. The shoot is in two weeks so now calling the PR companies and sourcing has to take place. Will keep you posted.

Also have something potentially quite exciting lined up. Fingers crossed as it involves a luxury boutique and the new Westfield Sydney. All I can say now is that the Devil wears (…).
Genesis M.


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