Give Me My Jeans

From my earliest memories of fashion I remember the humble jean being a staple in my wardrobe. Mum and Dad wore no other jeans but Levi’s 501’s. They were the ultimate jean and through their influence I owned a couple of pairs of Levi’s throughout my childhood. Since then my wardrobe is never without a pair of Levi’s jeans. I’m even old enough now to own a pair of 501’s and some 501’s cutoffs. My own personal experience of Levi’s jeans affirms durability, the right fit, timeless style and most importantly effortless cool. They’ll never go out of fashion. Thus my parents and I still wear them.

With an invitation from Sweaty Betty PR and Levi’s Australia I attended the preview of the Winter 2011 collection. I must admit I went into the preview with a biased opinion as I am already a Levi’s fan but what surprised me the most was the brand was able to utilise what they were famous for; the durability, the classic denim blue and the feel-so-good-on-your-skin denim fabric and create a collection that made Levi’s even cooler.

Having a look at the racks I just kept thinking “I want this”, “I want that” and “Oh hell yeah, this is amazing”. Winter never looked so cool (no pun intended). Seriously.

Of course I couldn’t just look at the clothes… I had to try them on. Check out the pics of me ‘working’ a few pieces from the new collection. Whether it’s leather, cotton wool or denim Levi’s has you covered next winter.

And my favourite piece of them all? A denim shirt that Jeanie of Levi’s Australia called the half-dipped denim blue shirt. Look at those amazing sawtooth pockets. Gorgeous no?

Once again thank you to Sweaty Betty PR and to Levi’s Australia for today’s preview. And to the Sweaty Betty’s Amy and Maffy thanks for the warmth you guys greet me with every time I come to previews. P.S. Check out Maffy working that cardigan I couldn’t really work earlier even though I love it.

Genesis M.


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