The Fear-ce

If you don’t know who Elliot Ward-Fear is then where have you been? As is the current trend of my blogposts, this one is about work. I mentioned previously that I would be assisting on a Harper’s Bazaar shoot. The shoot is this coming Sunday and Lenya sent me to work this morning. I was sent to the ‘Garment District’ of Sydney today (Kippax St) to source from MotherFather PR a few Elliot Ward-Fear pieces.Having viewed images from his current collection previously, I became very excited.

Initially I got a little lost trying to get there but was greeted by one half of MotherFather PR; Candice and the designer himself Elliot as soon as I found it. With nervous excitement I made my way to the rack. The emotion exploded there and then. From the cut to the colour to the avant-garde styling Ward-Fear’s fashion is the fashion of a very very cool tomorrow. I can’t wait for it to be shot on Sunday.

Here are some snaps from the MotherFather PR showroom:

How cute is Leigh, the MotherFather PR intern helping me take my happy snaps. Thanks cutie! Watch this space as I will be tweeting and blogging live from set on Sunday.
P.S. I was actually an intern at Romance Was Born when Elliot Ward-Fear was a design intern there too. Small fashion world, hey?

Genesis M.


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