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This weekend will be a very intense weekend for Dandy Sachs as a fashion assistant. This weekend consists of two major shoots. One for a music industry client and the other for Harper’s Bazaar Australia. It began yesterday with a shoot for Charmaine Bingwa

The look was a fusion of good girl grown up meets ‘fierce’ feminine forced to reckon with. So we sourced sweet and colourful cinch waistbelts with edgy, avant-garde dresses from an upcoming Australian designer. I managed to capture a few behind the scenes shots.

In the end Charmaine was very happy with the shots that she’ll use later on for media releases and such. And all the pieces that we sourced looked good and fit her like a dream. So success on the styling part. A good crew means a happy shoot and a happy shoot it was. As an assistant it is always so interesting to work with new photographers and new make-up artists and on this chance I did get to.

Photography: Christian Blanchard
Photographer’s Assistant: Josh
Styling: Lenya Jones
Styling Assistant: Dandy Sachs
Hair and Make Up: Sarah Tammer

Genesis M.


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