Hair Raising Fashion


Ugh I am so tired. This weekend has been such a busy shooting weekend. Two shoots within the space of three days has taken a lot out of me and it’s my graduation exhibition tomorrow so I have to be very freshfaced. So this blogpost will be a very short sneak peek at what Dandy Sachs and Lenya did for Harper’s Bazaar Australia and its Styling Session contest.

The shoot started initially with some model drama but due to everyone’s amazing fashion connections, the altercation was fixed within the space of half an hour. After that first bump the rest of the shoot was smooth sailing or should I say smooth posing. With three very high-calibre models and a great team the shoot went extremely well considering earlier circumstances . Lenya was even bold enough to say that it was one of the best we’d ever worked on and I couldn’t agree more.

Due to some very strict rules I’m not allowed to post or publish online images I took containing the looks we shot. Doing so would automatically disqualify all the work we did today. Instead I hope you can enjoy behind the scenes pictures of our dressing room today and some of the looks we pulled from designers like Elliot Ward-Fear, Alpha 60 to stores like Regina Garde.

Photography: Jessica Klingelfuss
Styling: Lenya Jones
Styling Assistant: Me!!!!
Hair/ Creative Director: Mandy Kingsman
Make Up: Vanessa Collins
*Both photographer and hair stylist had assistants but I just can’t recall their names as of this moment.

Will keep you updated you on this as I have very strong feelings about this one.
Genesis M.


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  1. Mandy

    Really? Did Lenya say that? Thats so lovely!! Good luck today!!

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