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Gone Christmas Shopping (For Reals)

Finally went Christmas shopping yesterday. After post-surgery recovery I felt that I was able to trawl through the Christmas shopping crowd and find a few pieces for the loved ones. I was able to get the boy’s present as well as gifts for those attending tonight’s early Christmas dinner. See Sam and I are going to the Philippines together and so his family is hosting dinner tonight. For me this season is just all about spending time with the family as well as the ones you consider family. None of this consumerist crap nonetheless I hope you’ve done all your Christmas shopping.

Above is what I wore to Christmas shopping.
Caravaggio ‘s Medusa t-shirt – Artwork
Cut-off denim shorts – Pepe Jeans London
Sneakers – Marithe + Francois Girbaud
Handbag – Alexander Wang

To my readers I hope you have a very merry Christmas and very fashionable New Year! There are exciting things to come for Dandy Sachs in 2011!
Genesis M.


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All I Want For Christmas Is…

A Joshua Hall Trilogy Cluster ring


A pair of Acne Hybria Lea Wedges

A pair of Rad Hourani + Mykita sunglasses

AND…. a Lanvin for H&M bowtie

Please Santa?
For those wondering about my health… Surgery went well on Tuesday. They found nothing abnormal in me and I’m not terminally ill. It’s a relief. A very big relief. I will be flying to Manila in seven days. Yay! Thank you to those who emailed, called and/or texted.

Genesis M


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Proenza Schouler vs. Rad Hourani



Okay so my three year old Marithe + Francois Girbaud clutch is a little worn and the leather is becoming a little too distressed at the edges. It has been with me from New Zealand to New York. Christmas is here and online fashion shopping is going bonkers. When I was in New York I fell in love with the accessories at the Proenza Schouler counter in Barneys. The colours (especially the yellow) and the Italian leather…orgasmic. However being also present at NYFW I saw a lot of new guard handbags, purses and clutches. I kept seeing a lot of Alexander Wang and Rad Hourani. Luckily I already own an Alexander Wang. So I think it’s high time I own a Rad Hourani accessory.

Should I get a Proenza Schouler PS1 wallet or a Rad Hourani clutch…that is the question? Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough and Santa will gift me both! I’ll make a decision before I leave for Manila, me thinks

Genesis M.

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Day Dreamer

What is Dandy Sachs’ dream photoshoot? Well the answer is quite simple. An editorial for either Vogue Hommes Japan or another major fashion magazine that combines art & fashion. My dream as a future stylist is to constantly marry the two in my work. Today as I rested up for tomorrow’s surgery I was given the viewing pleasure of the behind-the-scenes Pirelli calendar shoot. The legendary Karl Lagerfeld married art and fashion to produce images that reincarnated the gods, goddesses and myths of Ancient Greece and Rome. I would one day love to work on something like this as the head stylist or maybe even produce something like this. This dream I’m not letting go of.

Notable in the video are Julianne Moore as Hera the Mother of the Gods and our own Abbey Lee Kershaw as Echo the Nymph who pined for Narcissus. The above image features Daria Werbowy as Artemis.

Genesis M.

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Rockin’ Dandy

At the start of this year I assisted my fellow first assistant (at the time) Marlies Meijlink on a music video shoot. Marlies was head stylist and naturally she asked me to assist. Having a great relationship both work and friendship with Marlies I agreed. The music video shoot was for an up and coming band known as Zenith Asp. The song would be their debut for their album to be released. And so it was in order that their first music video needed to me made. I recall how much of a great day it was and Dandy Sachs has a total weakness for rockers. Especially rockers with tattoos! The boys of the band were so sweet considering we were fashioning up their image. After months in the editing room and tweaking the video is finally here. Enjoy!

Besides outfits for the two different stage shows the boys each required different outfits and styles for their own plot.

Producer/Director: Dana-Lee Mierowsky
Camera: Matthew Horrex
Costume Designer: Marlies Meijlink
Assistant Costume Designer: Dandy Sachs (Genesis Mansilongan)
Stills Photographer: Markus van Driel

What do you think?
Genesis M.

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Give Me My Life Back

I miss these days. Over the past two weeks I’ve been in and out of clinics, waiting rooms and next Tuesday a hospital surgery room. I wish I was on set or at the pre-fall resort wear presentations. Alas I’m not. Enjoy this year’s on set and fashion week memories.

Hoping I heal fast. I just want a stress free Christmas and to enjoy my vacation in my homeland.

Genesis M.

P.S. Was contacted by Prada Australia and its good news. Eager for March 2011, just need to get better.

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Santa I Want…

Gideon Sneakers. That’s right. A high top sneaker made from cane-toad, kangaroo and cow leather. And did I say handmade here in Sydney! Gideon shoes are the world’s first 100% Australian made, sweatshop free, completely sustainable sneaker! Now as you all have probably noticed I’ve been blogging a lot about shoes and men’s shoes in particular. I guess my feet have been longing for sturdy, sustainable and ethically made shoes. A shoe that is at the same time fashionable but a head of the trend. The lovely girls at Sweaty Betty PR gave me the heads up and now I’m writing to Santa pleading for these beautiful creations to adorn my feet. I fly to Manila in less than three weeks and would love to mince these around.

The label has gathered a lot of press recently and has even caught the eye of Kelly Cutrone at People’s Revolution in NYC. Have high hopes (or should I say high tops) for this brother duo. What a better way to utilise Australia’s cane toad infestation. Fierce, street-cred sneakers. Enjoy the pics exclusive to Dandy Sachs.

Yummy, no?
Genesis M.

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