Santa I Want…

Gideon Sneakers. That’s right. A high top sneaker made from cane-toad, kangaroo and cow leather. And did I say handmade here in Sydney! Gideon shoes are the world’s first 100% Australian made, sweatshop free, completely sustainable sneaker! Now as you all have probably noticed I’ve been blogging a lot about shoes and men’s shoes in particular. I guess my feet have been longing for sturdy, sustainable and ethically made shoes. A shoe that is at the same time fashionable but a head of the trend. The lovely girls at Sweaty Betty PR gave me the heads up and now I’m writing to Santa pleading for these beautiful creations to adorn my feet. I fly to Manila in less than three weeks and would love to mince these around.

The label has gathered a lot of press recently and has even caught the eye of Kelly Cutrone at People’s Revolution in NYC. Have high hopes (or should I say high tops) for this brother duo. What a better way to utilise Australia’s cane toad infestation. Fierce, street-cred sneakers. Enjoy the pics exclusive to Dandy Sachs.

Yummy, no?
Genesis M.


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