Gone Christmas Shopping (For Reals)

Finally went Christmas shopping yesterday. After post-surgery recovery I felt that I was able to trawl through the Christmas shopping crowd and find a few pieces for the loved ones. I was able to get the boy’s present as well as gifts for those attending tonight’s early Christmas dinner. See Sam and I are going to the Philippines together and so his family is hosting dinner tonight. For me this season is just all about spending time with the family as well as the ones you consider family. None of this consumerist crap nonetheless I hope you’ve done all your Christmas shopping.

Above is what I wore to Christmas shopping.
Caravaggio ‘s Medusa t-shirt – Artwork
Cut-off denim shorts – Pepe Jeans London
Sneakers – Marithe + Francois Girbaud
Handbag – Alexander Wang

To my readers I hope you have a very merry Christmas and very fashionable New Year! There are exciting things to come for Dandy Sachs in 2011!
Genesis M.


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