Shopped Till He Dropped


It’s not everyday that I hear him tell me “I literally dropped”. When I asked him what he meant he was actually referring to the shopping day we had just had. After leaving him to attend a meeting, my amour told me he got home and crashed. I was quite surprised with his efforts. Mind you a shopping day in 33 degree (centigrade) heat. What on Earth would possess anyone to get out of bed and go shopping on such a hot day? One, he is the brother of the bride. Did you hear wedding bells? Yes you did. That’s right Dandy Sachs and his love (the bride’s brother) are attending a wedding in ten days. The latter needed a wedding-worthy outfit and the former being knowledged in codes of dress only thought it obligatory that he assisted in his amour’s fashion crisis. Unfortunately I was unable to get any happy snaps of us shopping.

We set out with an objective (which is esssential if you want to be time-savvy and cost effective): get an emerald green tie, black lace-ups and a white dress shirt. After crossing town in under an hour and not breaking budget (my amour does not share my taste for the expensive) our mission was accomplished. So where did we shop? Tie from Tie Rack London at the QVB, black lace-ups from Zu Shoes at Westfield Sydney and white dress shirt from RDX.

I am thankful for the one-time exclusive with my amour. And that he let me ‘style’ him which I may add is a very rare occasion.
Genesis M.


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