Ode to Fashion

An ode to fashion that entailed metamorphoses, evolution and futuristic silhouette was made tonight. Luckily enough to be invited to the event, my friend Nico Sol and I were taken aback by the 3D print found on the garments fitted on mannequins that manned the space a la art exhibition. The print consisted of cropped butterfly wing details in turquoise and lilac where they elegantly extended a breast or elongated a legging.

Held at the ever-so-trendy District 01 in Darlinghurst, Mother Father PR should be congratulated on the atmosphere they created for the event. Ultraviolet-esque light bulbs suspended from the ceiling in various places (quite the conversation starter),a neon light art installation in the corner and not to mention the 3D glasses ensured that tonight fashion was interactive. A refreshing experience!

As with all collection launches: a party atmosphere persists and what’s a Dandy Boy to do but have a glass, get his picture taken and mingle with Sydney’s fashion peeps. Nico and I were lucky enough to have our pictures taken by quite a few bloggers, so much so that it was suddenly embarrassing for a while because a lot of people were staring. Nevertheless the experience lead to some networking which was my aim for tonight, so hurrah! For now enjoy the happy snaps…


With Xiaohan Shen of Xssatstreetfashion.com


Above is my favourite piece from the collection…leggings!!!

All partied out and ready for bed.
Genesis M.


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