Road Trip Days

The Australian summer is almost over and I’m puzzled as to why I didn’t go on a roadtrip this summer, either with my paramour or my friends as had been planned. The long open road, a car packed to the brim and tunes you wish you didn’t know and not to mention roadtrip fashion. Your baggy tee paired with Levi’s 501’s cut-off shorts and topped with some nice aviators. I can smell the kilometres already. Speaking of Levi’s, I have been informed that they have an ultimate “Roadworthy” package to give away via Facebook.

So if I were you I would gather all my friends for a last minute road trip before Uni starts, as all of this is up for grabs for ONE lucky roadtripper!

Esbit Spirit Stove Set – for cooking up tasty treats in the outback
Olympus 12MP Camera – snap your mates skinny-dipping and get the photos straight on Facebook
Mexican Queen Hammock – the best way to chill out
Garmin 3.5 Sat Nav – because even the most hardened travellers have a habit of getting lost
iPod Nano 8GB, plus Sony iPod and iPhone Docking Clock Radio – playing some sweet tunes as you clock up the Kms
Fender Acoustic Guitar – when you’re sick of listening to other people’s music and want to play your own
Esky 251 Cooler – the granddaddy of all Esky’s and your mobile fridge
Squeak Sleeping Bag – be sure to check for spiders before entering
Bob Dylan Signature Series Harmonica – do I even need to explain why this is awesome?

All you have to do to enter is upload your best road trip images to the Levi’s® Facebook page:

Did I hear someone say road trip?
Genesis M.



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