The Name Is Ralph


The next few weeks are a very exciting time in the life of Dandy Sachs, as a fashion stylist and as a recent graduate. All the world’s a stage and I’m ready for my close up. Very very ready. Recently I was a little crestfallen about my profession of choice but thanks to a few people who were enable to enlighten me in regards to the potential I have as an ‘artist’, I cheered right up. An artist who ‘styles’ fashion and art with heart and mind.

I would like to think that today’s shoot where I got to work with a very prestigious label was a manifestation of my new work mantra. Today again was another menswear shoot which involved autumn/winter pieces. I think I have found a passion for creating fashion images for men. The enjoyment is there and I feel I can be so much more creative. The opportunity to push the envelope even if it’s ever so slight is there.

Here are some behind the scenes snaps…enjoy!





Photography by Pedro Virgil
Photographer’s Assistants:  Mark & Emilio
Hair & Make Up by Koh Tanyawanichapong
Styling by Genesis Mansilongan (Dandy Sachs)
Model – Jeremy @ EMG Models

Clothes and accessories provided by Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Calibre. A big thank you must go out to Patrick-John Esangga at Ralph Lauren for the wonderful opportunity. So to my dear follows I have plenty more up my sleeve. I urge you..WATCH THIS SPACE!
Genesis M.



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2 responses to “The Name Is Ralph

  1. Patrick John Esangga

    Why thanks for the mention Genesis 🙂

  2. congrats on having a successfull amazing lookin blog.. I wish I could write like you man.. seriously

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