The Dreamer Dreams

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my successes and failures as a freelance stylist so far. The few months of flying solo can be summed in a few words. Exhilarating. Nerve-wracking. And humbling. Humbling…because I know where I’m coming from and I acknowledge that I’m starting from a place where the greatest made their first steps. I will be honest and admit that the rejection and the snobbery hasn’t been easy to deal with. However, that’s just the fashion industry. The young blood in me doesn’t want to give up just yet and my ichor is pumping with fresh ideas. A stream my creativity benefits from.

I’m ready and willing but with that comes the consequence of failures. It’s just part of the equation. I regret that from the very start of my styling career, when I first started assisting, I had not begun to put away earned dollars to build my stylist’s kit. Instead I spent frivolously on designer fashion. A stylist is nothing without their kit. Clips, pins, shoe tape, etc make the stylist’s job key to a shoot. However my kit, although small has been put together in an essentials-first process and so I have all the basics and I am now saving for expensive kit items.

Another mark against my name would be the fear I let cripple me when it comes to being a social networker at fashion events. I used to hide behind my old boss and never extend my hand first. So now I’ve got the daunting task of introducing myself to everyone at fashion events whether they want to meet me or not. I wish I had utilised the opportunity to be a social butterfly back then. Imagine the contacts…they’d be double what I have in my business card folder!

The other side of the equation is success and that’s what I’ve been able to achieve, here and there. I’ve been quite triumphant, i.e. having worked with some great photographers as well as some great brands this early in my career. Pride does not even being to describe the feeling I feel when the image I created surpasses the plans and sketches prepared earlier. Having learnt from my failures has also lead me to probably my busiest three weeks. I have three shoots. Two womenswear and finally, a commissioned shoot that is going to be published! Yay!! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?!

Finally I am going to leave you with a few words (as if this hasn’t been wordy enough). When Anna Wintour was first interviewed at American Vogue, the then editor-in-chief Grace Mirabella, asked Wintour what job she would like if she came to the magazine. “Your job,” Wintour said. Now thats the guts and the kind of bravado I want to have with me for the rest of my career!

Everyday is day an opportunity and I’m going to make them mine!
Genesis M.


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