Got Glam?


As I have stated recently whether it’s my Tweets or my previous posts – Dandy Sachs’ styling career is about to take off! With five shoots in the books for this month and two, being publication commissions, life doesn’t seam so dreary anymore. I might add that there are two shoots in the works at the moment as well…so that’s seven in total – woah! From zero to hero, no?

To start them off was today’s shoot: cocktail rings, colour blocking and Dynastic glam! Essentially a beauty shoot for submission to Culture magazine, the styling took a supporting role as it usually does when it comes to beauty shoots. Today’s focus was on the make up and hair and my role today was to support and to highlight that which I believe I achieved. But today’s standout was not the creative team behind the camera (although I boast we did a pretty good job) but instead the creative being in FRONT of the camera. Model Hannah Green @ Chadwicks worked glam in her hands, her shapes and her facial expressions in every shot and I mean EVERY shot. A true modelling superstar. Dandy Sachs believes that she will go far if she keeps up such a work ethic.



Photography: Pedro Virgil
Photographer’s Assistant: Mark
Styling: Genesis Mansilongan (Dandy Sachs)
Hair: Koh Tanyawanichapong
Make-Up: Kristyan Low
Model: Hannah Green @ Chadwicks

Thank you to Nicola at Grandma Takes A Trip for access to the warehouse! More sourcing tomorrow and another shoot on Monday!
Genesis M.


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