That Sourcing Scene


“I need ten or fifteen skirts from Calvin Klein…”. With that famous line as some sort of humourous motivation I started an epic sourcing day for this coming Monday’s womenswear shoot. Just like in that scene I criss-crossed all of Sydney for what seemed like eight hours of pulling looks! Having the tiniest iota of energy left I managed to do some early prep when I got home but then when I tried to convince myself to start taping the shoes my body refused and sent me to sleep. So I’m typing this having awoken surrounded by gorgeous shoes,pop colours and luxe fabrics. I think this is every fashion gay’s dream morning unless of course you wake up next to a hunky fashion designer; Jack Lazaro of Proenza Schouler for me please!

I would just like to mention that yesterday wouldn’t have run so smoothly if  I had not been dealing with the nicest and friendliest PR people in Sydney’s fashion scene. My morning was made when the lovely Matt and Candy of Mother Father PR greeted me, they are just awesome! Afternoon’s delight came from sourcing at Bespoke PR where I got to meet for the first time Lee and Yan. I walked out of there with garment bags in hand smiling all the way down McEvoy Street.


So now that that’s all done I’m really excited for Monday. Hope you are too!
Thank you to Maryanne of Wonders Cease also, always happy to lend out clothes. I’m also excited for you guys showing at Fashion Week.
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Genesis M.


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