Return To Sender


Returns are standard when it comes to being a ‘stylist’. Whether you are returning the garments yourself or you have assistants (minions) returning them I have noticed that there is a certain way you have to dress. Almost as if you are going on a job interview. The same applies to sourcing from a showroom. It’s as almost as if you have to dress in a smart casual way…hello you’re a stylist and that has to be evident in every single outfit you wear. You are being scrutinised for everything you wear. Otherwise your sartorial credibility is as good as that lumpy blue sweater in the clearance bin. Anyway, enough of my rant… Yesterday was weird weather in Sydney and I decided to wear some subtle colour. It was gray outside and red legs are so on trend at the moment. Here’s my outfit from yesterday’s returns!

Diagonal Zip Jacket: Premonition
T-Shirt: Alpha 60
Jeans: Rough Rider Jeans
Shoes: Antoine + Stanley Blake Black! I love these so much! So chic! Click here for more gorgeous men’s shoes!

My shoes were definitely the highlight of my outfit. They fit like a dream and added a little smart chic to my very urban look.
See you tomorrow in my ‘work outfit’. Tomorrow is for sourcing!!
Genesis M.


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  1. We are totally connected through our use of minion 😉

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