Runway Show Shopper


The runway, a once elitist platform the for the thinnest as well as the most Adonis-esque clotheshorses was democratized today. The reality is that fashion makes it’s buck from mere mortals. Mortals who are ‘fiercely real’ and ethnically diverse. Watching front row at’s largest runway show today made me realise that the retail giant had cottoned onto what the rest of the fashion world is slowly accepting. From pregnant women; tradies, plus size women,eligible bachelors, Indian and Asian models and real people (whatever that means) – the range of models was refreshing. Even the price range of the clothes was as diverse as those modelling them. Whether you’re the budget chic type or a bit more frivolous with your spending was able to cater to you. They were really successful in conveying that with their runway presentation. The following are some snaps of my favourite looks that were sent down the runway:








Thank you to Emily of Little Black Book for inviting me to attend with her and for the lovely Westfield and PR staff who looked after us in that scorching Autumn (?) sun. It was also fun checking out the hot male models with Emily. Twas also nice to meet Vanessa of Flip and Style, Joelyne of The Sydney Girl and Margaret of Shine By Three. Yay for fashion bloggers sitting front row!

Genesis M.


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  1. So lovely to meet you too Genesis! And I love your name! And your blog! Big yay for bloggers front row!


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