Boy Orient

The recent Vogue feature “Asia Major” highlighted that Asian (or of Asian descent) models are at the forefront of the industry. I wouldn’t call it Neo-neo-Orientalism but I would. Europe is no longer the biggest producer or consumer of fashion. Asia is, whether it’s designer, (fake designer) or fast fashion. Fashion is turning Japanese (well Asian). This Oriental obsession has had a many an influence on Western designers’ collection. I recently came across this campaign from Australian menswear designers Beat Poet featuring friend and favourite James T of Chic. I think it is an eloquent manifestation of what I just stated, no?

Funnily enough I am also sourcing and casting for an Orient inspired menswear shoot this week. I will be shooting for On the Streets of Sydney. Yay another published shoot! Things are going well. Let’s hope this lasts for a while!
Genesis M.

Images sourced from Nick Alvarez 


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