Interview With The Devil


Okay so it wasn’t really an interview with the Devil but instead with Prada.I was just punning on my blog’s namesake and my character as the author of this blog. Last Wednesday I attended what I believe was going to be the interview of my life (so far anyway). An early start required an early prep and making sure that my interview outfit was coded in confidence and chic. The interview started off as a group interview (with six of the loveliest people I’ve ever met) and then broke down into an almost half an hour personal interview. Job interviews can be quite a daunting experience and this as prestigious as it was, was quite daunting too. I walked in there expecting a clique of fashion elitists a la Miranda Priestley but walked out unexpectedly surprised. The Prada people were so nice and genuine, they were really interested in who you were and why you loved Prada and what you were about. The images are the pair of Prada pumps I had to ‘sell’ in a sales exercise. I’ll find out next Wednesday whether I’ve got the job or not. As I said to my paramour the morning I left for the interview…this is definitely the beginning of a new chapter in my life.


So keep your fingers crossed for me. Have a happy Paschal season.
Genesis M.


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