Casual Tuesdays


Nothing describes today better than the word ‘casual’. A day spent with amazing family and lots of food. My gluttony is content. For those global readers, Australia has just spent the past five days in what has probably been the longest ‘long weekend’ ever. Today was the last day of this long ‘weekend’ and has somewhat disjointed my usually synced self. Tomorrow is for media previews, sourcing and securing a few more things for Friday’s editorial shoot (back to work!). Rosemount Australian Fashion Week also looms and my bank balance isn’t going to be too happy I imagine with my spendthrifts justified under some “Fashion Week” allowance clause. Woe is me. Anyway as is run of the mill, credits for this outfit post…



Leather Jacket: vintage from NYC
Anorak: Chinatown boutique
Tee: Amrerican Apparel
Jeans: Acne
Boots: ASH
Scarf: Self made
Clutch: Marithe + Francois Girbaud

On Elle:
Cardigan: Cotton On
Singlet: American Apparel
Jeans: Lee
Shoes: Therapy

P.S That is my lovely cousin Elle making fun of me as she played photographer. All photos taken on my lovely Samsung Galaxy S.
Love Easter for it’s family time. Hope you had a good one.
Genesis M.


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