Emergency Assistance

I love it when bits of fiction become a sudden reality. The other night (during a meeting) I was called on by a superior to be on set in five minutes (well okay as soon as possible). Luckily my meeting was right next door to where I needed to be.  I had to emergency assist as the creative director I’m working with, Hayley Hughes of Fashion Hayley and On The Streets Of Sydney.com had her other assistant fall through at the last minute. Something about the flight being cancelled and then delayed twice. Poor girl. Anyway the call felt somewhat cinematic, as if I was Andy (Dandy) again. I hadn’t assisted in almost over six months but it was familiar to me and so I clicked into the role as soon as I got there. The shoot was a collaboration between Westfield Sydney and Vice Magazine Australia. With a funky theme to it – think looks inspired by different genres of music and their respective ‘styles’- it was fun to dress our young fresh faced models. One of them, funnily enough I knew from COFA. That’s Kit featured in the gray coat. Cute, no? The star of this cinematic ‘flashback’ however goes to the STAR assistant, Samnang Sou!



Thank you to Hayley Hughes, Vice Magazine Australia and Westfield Sydney for this opportunity.
Genesis M.


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  1. Thanks again for the emergency assistance, twas an epic shoot xxx

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