Dandy Heaven


Despite yesterday’s heavy Autumn rains I managed to spruce myself up and head early to what I would come to know as ‘Dandy heaven’! The lovely Nicholas Atgemis of Le Noeud Papillon invited me over to have a look at his collection of bowties (!!!!!), silk scarves, pocket squares, fully bespoke shirts and his new line of silk smoking jackets. Nested in a lovely apartment over looking Shark Island I couldn’t imagine a more better location where whims and inspirations for the most dandiest of accessories could occur. Not only was it dandy heaven to my eyes but also to my sense of touch. Each bowtie, silk scarf or pocket square was made from high quality silk and cotton mills sourced (by the designer himself) in Italy. Nicholas was fervent about how the high quality of his products and how they appealed to a conservative clientele but that did not inhibit him from having a bit of fun from time to time as seen on the silk smoking jacket.

He mentions that the success of his brand came from being able to guarantee the customer where the cloth of his shirts, jackets and men’s accessories were from and knowing they paid for the “Real McCoy”. As well as the need for classic accessories such as the bowtie, the pocket square and the silk scarf. And did I mention Jacquard silks! I first came across the brand in a chance visit to a store known as The Cloakroom in Sydney’s Surry Hills. The first bowtie I ever picked up from Le Noeud Papillon was heaven around my neck, I felt like an Egyptian crown princess who had been adorned in the finest gold and lapis lazuli. That really is the experience with the accessories from Le Noeud Papillon.



I was also fortunate enough to be gifted a few pieces from his collection; the “Vote for Pedro” bowtie and the “Parisian Nights” pochette.

A big thank you to Nicholas Atgemis of Le Noeud Papillon for both the gifts and the opportunity to be in dandy heaven.
I think my ‘Vote for Pedro’ is the most beautifully crafted bowtie I will ever own!
Genesis M.


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