Downtown Hero


Despite the heavens pouring itself out yesterday a Downtown Hero clad in block colour pieces from Orri Henrisson, Lab Homme and Saint Augustine Academy emerged. Tailored back with his neutral pieces from Alpha 60 and Oscar Calvo, Sydney’s Chinatown was honoured with the presence of a young man who knew style both Eastern and Western. As you all know I have been casually dropping hints about an upcoming shoot for On the Streets of, well yesterday night it was executed. A project of mine that had been brewing I pitched it to Fashion Hayley who is the creative director behind OntheSOS and she approved it straight away.

I’ve limited the amount of behind the scenes images as I want to save you all for the beautiful images to be published on the site on the 10th of May. Again I shot this autumn/super relaxed winter editorial with Xiaohan Shen. We seem to be a dynamic duo who can just make something small work like Vogue (in this case GQ) Editorial magic.


Photography: Xiaohan Shen
Styling: Genesis Mansilongan (Dandy Sachs)
Grooming: Yoshimi Kumai
Model: Tom G @ EMG models
Styling Assistants: Joshua Suklan & Samnang Sou

Clothes provided by: LAB Homme, Orri Henrisson, Saint Augustine Academy, Alpha 60, Oscar Calvo, Subfusco and Nu+Nan
Accessories provided by: Katzi, Belstaff, Antoine + Stanley, LAB Homme, Beasts of Peace, Dita and Alpha 60.

Genesis M.


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  1. Looks good, can’t wait to see the final editorial x

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