Madness Ensues



The most wonderful time of the year is finally upon us! Yes it’s Fashion Week! There are frock stars galore and the attitude tends to soar but that’s the Fashion Week I know and love. Being an RAFW sophomore this year I’m no longer blinded by the glamour and instead see a harsher, truthful reality to it all. However this wisdom of mine prevented me not from catching glimpses of what I love about Fashion Week. The small, sometimes intricate details that transform clothes into works of art.

Fashion Week started off slightly rocky. Public transport decided it hated me (of all days I don’t know why it chose today to hate me) and I still had returns to do before my first show at 12:00pm. I was crestfallen as I raced to the fastest City Circle train that would get me to Circular Quay as soon as possible. With the luck of the gods I arrived and received my accreditation pass as they were slowly letting everyone in. The Arnsdorf show was running an hour behind schedule and so I managed to get a seat, even if it was in the last row.

The rhythm of two Fashion Weeks under my belt eventually kicked in and the rest of the day blurred into a cornucopia of all things Fashion Week. Meeting up with fellow bloggers, schmoozing with the industry people and watching some beautiful clothes walked down the runway. I apologise for the image quality, my shitty digital camera also decided to hate me too today. They’ll get better as the week comes along.



Until tomorrow …
Genesis M.


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