Brave The Elements

Perhaps my favourite designer to walk today was Subfusco at the RAFW SS12 Ready-to-Wear 1 show. Interested and inspired by its’ rigid conventions, menswear and its’ heavy codification in the ‘institution’ of masculinity I often wonder how far the envelope can be pushed. Men’s fashion in Australia until recently has always been safe and to my distaste rather ‘blokey’ than dandy. With being the only menswear show lined up for the first day I was expecting a lot. Boy did I receive.

The disappointment of realising that womenswear would appear in this collection presentation suddenly vanished into what seemed like a blackhole. Ever so quickly was I overcome by an evocative colour palette inspired by the Ancients’ four elements. Ignis, terra, aer et aqua. Fire, earth, air and water. My eyes were in ecstasy as the concept was visually executed by designer Joshua Scacheri who created tailored mesh pieces (sheers for men!!) , a full men’s suit and the ultimate men’s relaxed tee in a digital print that shone out like an explosion of colour. It felt as if the print was like the air, fire and earth and water kissing and colliding in some sort of Big Bang consummation. The elements in the jackets!, the trousers!!, the shirting!!! and the shoes!!!! Did someone say pure bliss!?

I walked out happy knowing that Australian’s men’s fashion had advanced today, in a spectrum of elemental colour!
Genesis M.

First image courtesy of Mother & Father PR. Second image (backstage) provided exclusively to Dandy Sachs by Emily of Little Black Book.
(P.S As I mentioned in the earlier post my digital camera failed on me, again I apologise).
P.P.S. Think Dandy will be owning a few pieces from this collection.


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