Athena and Aphrodite

Day three of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week set the bar high for the two remaining most anticipated days ( the New Generation and TAFE Innovators to come). Recognised Australian industry names Magdalena Velevska and Michael Lo Sordo both showed yesterday, in the same venue and both left the tough awaiting-amazingness fashion crowd breathless and utterly refreshed.  Having taken hints and cues from the trends and styles seen in Europe both designers managed to reinterpret such for the Australian market. This review I’ve broken up into two parts. The goddesses of fashion literally walked today…

Athena (Magdalena Velevska)

Goddess of wisdom, strength, justice, skill and warfare. Absolutely every goddess attribute that could be embodied in the plisse pleats and embroidery was found at Magdalena Velevska. Not to mention the warfare found in the architecture and presence of the footwear that completed each look. Strength after strength was sent down the runway in pleated tangerines and fuschias, hitting the colour-block on trend. Accents of blue and print were also seen. The collection was given its most Olympic (in the fabled sense) moment when all the models circled the UV sculpture and the lights were dimmed. What shone was Magdalena Velevska’s skill and that her collection was elevated in ultraviolet light.

Aphrodite (Michael Lo Sordo)

How does one breathe when the goddesses from the heavens above come down to earth and walk in one of the most breathtaking fashion shows you’ve ever experienced? Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality Michael Lo Sordo’s collection was far from the heavily indulgent image often associated with the love goddess. Sending out flowing Grecian draped dresses in the softest of pinks and whites with occasional appearances of sky blue (so appropriate!) and black, love became simple and minimal. How it ought to be. With the production and music as well as make up and hair pulled back all focus was on the clothes. So one could love them; so one could marvel at the beauty of the print, the sheers, the technique and delight in it all. Even the models’ pace caused one to reflect and view every loving detail of Lo Sordo’s craftsmanship. An allusion to how Aphrodite (ancient symbol of fashion) is supposed to be consumed.

Now that the goddesses have walked at RAFW I wonder what day four and five will bring and what influence the celestial will have on the rest of the collections.
Genesis M.

Image 1 credit: Emily of Little Black Book
Image 2 credit: Lucinda of Thrift and Thread 


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