The Wonder Boys

Australian fashion boy-wonder Dion Lee, fille du moment (Kym) Ellery, androgyne favourite Alistair Trung and superstar Josh Goot showed at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week day four. Alongside them It design duo Limedrop also showed. The penultimate day of RAFW was all about Australian fashion’s wonder kids. Wonder did they bring!

The film, “The September Issue” quotes Vogue editor-at-large Andre Leon-Talley as having eyes that were “starving for beauty”, I can express that my eyes this week were also starving for beauty. Beauty found in the tailoring and rigid details of menswear. The latter being fluid in semantics. Surprise took me as day four delivered what I’d been hungry for…menswear. Young and fresh label Limedrop delivered presenting a collection entitled “Calypso”, where the menswear featured light coats, oxford pleat pants, silk shirting, boat shorts and bomber jackets rendered in playful prints like pineapple and gold coins. The freshness of the collection’s clean lines made it perfect for summer and resort. One couldn’t help but daydream of an Eastern getaway in Limedrop’s mesnwear in matching Limedrop accessories too please!

By evening rumours had gone around via the Twittersphere and word-of-mouth that mens pieces or male models in unisex pieces would appear at Alistair Trung. With my anticipation accompanied by a smoky runway and a chilling operatic piece, the rumour had been confirmed. Seated next to Lenya in second row she set in stone that her favourite model Cooper Thompson of Chic would be walking in the show. And so it began – Alistair Trung’s homage to the androgynous nature of clothing. Ancient silhouettes were draped but given contemporary relevance in material such as distressed leather and attention to details i.e. exposed zippers. However the show stopper at Alistair Trung was his emphasis that his collection could be worn by the male sex. Venus as a boy, Cooper Thompson walked down the runway in accordion pleats (a major trend of RAFW SS12) with a triangular bodice just covering his Renaissance painting physiqued torso. It was a fashion moment. Yes it’s quite directional ‘menswear’ and borders on high fashion editorial rather than ‘wearable’ but that was Trung’s point.

Day four was definitely a memorable day of menswear at RAFW SS12 as I also found out later that evening that Ellery had shown two menswear looks. The Australian men’s fashion landscape is changing and men are manscaping themselves to trends seen on national and international runways. They are also adopting styles they once oftened scoffed at. So whether you’re a Limedrop chap, an Ellery man or an Alistair Trung androgyne there is definitely a look out there.

More fashion week coverage to come.
Genesis M.

Photographs courtesy of Minh-Thu Elizabeth Nguyen at MTEN


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